cchatd v0.1 - C Compiled Chat Daemon
cchatd is a webchat daemon, just like the other webchats, but cchatd is made in C language, and above everything else it is compiled. cchatd goal is to be capable of thousands of listeners in a single chat-room, or more then 20,000 users on-line in a webchat portal (distributed around the various rooms).

To reach these goals cchatd must be as light as possible consuming less memory and processor time as possible. In advanced versions cchatd will be able to manage distributed chat-rooms.

cchatd follows the KISS unix filosophy, so it won't ever be more then a daemon, of course the project previews front-ends for the final user and to facilitate administrators work, the language of all these? Still being discussed.

Making long story short, cchatd is wants to be really big someday, but is still thinking about this and deciding what it wanna be when it grows up. All it is asking you is to help it to grow.

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