cchatd v0.1 rc1 is avaiable for download
May/10/2002 - A long time after the initial conception cchatd now has a fully functional version. It's just a Release Candidate, but it's already compiling and can already be debugged. To tell the truth maybe this version should be called pre1 not rc1, but I'm very ancious to see v0.1.

After v0.1 is stable the next releases will bring final user functionalities and front-ends, until v1.0 that will be ready for all the webmasters, ready to pack and easy to use.

cchatd project revisited
May/10/2002 - Although many thinks that cchatd is dead, it's not. It was just sleeping while I fixed it by myself leading it exactly to the way I inteded to. So now there are some modifications that will take place in the next few days:

CVS: CVS now will only contains working files, no compilation errors. Of course we can't avoid buggy code in CVS, but we can avoid non-compiling files. I'll also change CVS folders, we'll have a folder called alpha to store old code, and another called cchatd to store current CVS Tree; in a near future we'll have another folder to store cchatd administration (following the KISS unix filosophy).
Snapshots: I'll take a CVS snapshot everytime we send a new update, and it will be avaiable for download.
CVS access: Just the administrator will have write access to the CVS Tree, everybody else must send modifications to your favorite administrator.

Of course I'm always open to considerations, anything about the project may be said directly to me [mazza at] or to any of the administrators.

cchatd website now powered by mini-pub.php
May/08/2002 - cchatd website is now powered by mini-pub.php. The design was ready some days ago, but the lack of a easy way to update the site content took me to this nice tool. I like it because it doesn't need a SGBD storing all information in a XML file. For more information reffer to mini-pub website:

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